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Costume Design Training through the Project Arted- Growing through Arts in Education

December 7, 2020


 “ArtEd – Growing through Arts in Education” continues to develop activities in pandemic conditions! Here we go again, now with another training that took place online: Costume Design Training.

Due to pandemic and inability to physically meet with dear students, we have managed to modify our activities and adapt to the situation, always thinking and contributing to build the capacities of theater clubs, already established and functional in your schools.

The first training session conducted on the 28th November included in total 40 students (from 20 champion schools of Kosovo) divided into 4 groups.

The trainer of Costume Design Training, artist Njomëza Luci, successfully lectured and demonstrated some of her creative work and motivated the participants in their future tasks that appointed for the coming week. The training students had the opportunity to understand and develop their creativity to apply it in their theater clubs during the projects they will develop in schools.  

Some of the main points that the trainer/artist Njomëza Luci focused on are listed below:

  • the role of costumes in a performance
  • identification of the characters of the performances
  • gathering information about the characters
  • inspiration and ways of research
  • designs, possible materials and their recycling

She also gave them instructions on how to do the necessary research to develop ideas and create new sketches with ready-made drawing models.  Working materials that the pupils received from Artpolis via express mail were helpful and necessary for them to work smoothly and willingly.

We thank the students for their commitment and wish them success in their projects.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government.”

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