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Creative Thinking for Empowerment of victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking

April 1, 2019

21.03.2019 / 28.03.2019

In a world where violence, maltreatment, abuse and insecurity have taken place and space in the lives of many individuals and families, creative work is an activity that almost seems like a luxury or something unattainable, especially for those who have not had the opportunity to prove themselves in creativity works or who have not been able to work at all. This is how the participants of the workshop “Creative Thinking for Empowerment of victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking” initially thought. But after some sessions, they mastered the needle and sewing machine and managed to create creative products.

This activity is about creating a safe and workable space where trafficked victims and potential victims of trafficking can come up and create something with Creative thinking.

The aim of this activity is the women of above mention category to create something out of nothing and make them economically independent so that after the completion this course they would have the opportunity to work on their own.

In the continuance of the workshops, the next activities were held on 21.03.2019 and 28.03.2019. In these two sessions, participants went on to perfect the sewing work, sewing techniques, types of materials, drawings and sketches of various jobs. Part of the activity, in addition to practical work were also lectures of the artist Njomza Luci,  who taught women the importance of work and being financially independent, while developing professionally to enable themselves a better and more useful life, thus improving their well-being.

Associating with each other, talks, music, relaxation with coffee and tea were also part of the work. In these two workshops they used materials such as leather, silk, cotton, etc, so the participants can be acquainted with all kind types of materials and how to work with. Women learned to work individually independent but also in teams, to complement each-other with different creations. The products they created were everyday bags, special occasion’s bags, and laptop cases.

Workshops: “Creative Thinking for Empowerment of victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking” is realized within the projectBuilding Resilience and social inclusion of victims of trafficking and presumed victims of trafficking” contained eight workshops that have been implemented and realized in the premises of Artpolis offices under the supervision and guidance of the well-known artist Njomza Luci.

The project “Socio-Economic and Psychosocial Empowerment of Victims of Trafficking and Possible Victims of Trafficking” is funded by the EU’s “Moving Forward: Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight against Trafficking Human Beings” project.

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