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Forum Theater performance “Girls vs. Boys”

November 12, 2021


Breaking gender stereotypes through the performance “Girls vs. Boys”

“It is not a sport for girls”, “you are weak to play this sport”, are just some of the comments made to girls.

But, such stereotypes have been challenged through the forum theater performance “Girls vs. Boys”, which premiered on Friday, 12.11.2021 at the Youth Center “Social Hub” from the theater club of the school “Zija Shemsiu” from Gjilan.

In one class, boys passionate about football make fun of one of their classmates when she tries to comment on a football game. This irritates the girls who challenge the boys in a football match, defeating them with deep score.

This interesting clash between girls and boys aroused a long debate with the audience after the show ended.

This show was mentored by the actor Kushtrim Qerimi.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government.”


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