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Forum theater play “We are determined” – SHFMU “Dr. Ibrahim Rugova” – Obiliq

October 28, 2021


The forum theater play “We are determined” a powerful message against bullying SHFMU school students “Dr. Ibrahim Rugova” Obiliq today showed their determination to show the talent they possess.

Through the forum theater play “We are determined” girls and boys from this school brought to the public moments both comic and serious, through the topic of bullying in schools.

Under the mentorship of Armend Ballazhi, the students’ performance was received with applause, but also with a very dynamic debate after the end of the play. A variety of questions and comments followed the show, including the damage it can do to young people through harmful phenomena such as bullying.

However, when you are surrounded by good company then you can defeat bullying to triumph in life. This was one of the positive messages that this forum theater play conveyed.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government”

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